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A Straightforward Guide To Shoelace Pose

In this blog series we'll cover a number of core poses (asanas) that you can practice at home and help guide you along your yoga journey. In this post we'll take a look at Shoelace pose which is a variation on Gomukhasana also known as Cow Face pose.

Shoelace gets its name from the shape made by the legs when in position. It is most commonly practised during yin yoga and as this is a more modern pose it does not have a Sanskrit name. There are many wonderful variations to this pose which host countless benefits for the body and mind. You can find some of these benefits listed further down in this post.


  1. Start in an upright seated position with the legs extended out in front of you.

  2. Bend the right knee and cross the right foot over the left leg.

  3. Stack your right knee on top of your left as much as you can with your right foot relaxed by your side.

  4. Bend your left leg so your left foot relaxes at your side.

  5. Extend both arms above your head keeping your shoulders down away from your ears.

  6. Face both palms out to the side and cross the right hand over the left.

  7. Bring your palms to touch.


  1. Deep hip opener

  2. Calming for the body and mind

  3. Provides emotional release (we often store emotional stress in our hips)

  4. Stretches the lower back

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